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ESI celebrates Golden anniversary - 01/21/2023
ESI celebrates 50th anniversary of quality products and services

ESI celebrates 49th anniversary - 01/21/2022
ESI celebrates 49th anniversary of quality products and services

New release of COBOL-IT 3.11.0 / 4.2.0 - 01/17/2022
Micro Focus is announcing the release of COBOL-IT 3.11.0 / 4.2.0

ESI 2022 Holiday Schedule - 12/23/2021
2022 holidays for ESI Customer Support

Mpact Change of Support - 05/16/2021
Mpact Change of Support

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ESI News

ESI celebrates 40th anniversary - 01/21/2013
ESI celebrates 40th anniversary of quality products and customer support
On January 21, 2013, ESI Support, LLC (ESI) celebrated its 40th anniversary of providing exceptional products, outstanding customized services, and high quality customer support. Since 1973, ESI has developed and marketed over 30 products on platforms ranging from Burroughs B1000, Medium, and Large systems to Unisys ClearPath mainframes and varying Windows workstations and servers. We have supported COBOL applications and users throughout our history and continue today with our Mpact COBOL application generation product and as the Technical Support hub for COBOL-IT.