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ESI celebrates Golden anniversary - 01/21/2023
ESI celebrates 50th anniversary of quality products and services

ESI celebrates 49th anniversary - 01/21/2022
ESI celebrates 49th anniversary of quality products and services

New release of COBOL-IT 3.11.0 / 4.2.0 - 01/17/2022
Micro Focus is announcing the release of COBOL-IT 3.11.0 / 4.2.0

ESI 2022 Holiday Schedule - 12/23/2021
2022 holidays for ESI Customer Support

Mpact Change of Support - 05/16/2021
Mpact Change of Support

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ESI News

ESI Survives Hurricane Michael - 10/15/2018
ESI Survives Hurricane Michael
ESI Survives Hurricane Michael

While Hurricane Michael dealt a devastating blow the panhandle area of Florida and southern Georgia, Tallahassee was mostly spared from the worst effects of the storm. There was substantial damage to trees and power lines and some buildings were damaged, but by five days after the storm struck, over 90% of the customers in Leon County had their power restored. There have been 18 deaths attributed to Michael, but fortunately none of those occurred in Tallahassee.

We are operating under normal conditions at this time, but our thoughts are with those who are suffering from loss of their loved ones and their homes.

Hurricane Michael