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ESI Golden Anniversary

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ESI celebrates Golden anniversary - 01/21/2023
ESI celebrates 50th anniversary of quality products and services

ESI celebrates 49th anniversary - 01/21/2022
ESI celebrates 49th anniversary of quality products and services

New release of COBOL-IT 3.11.0 / 4.2.0 - 01/17/2022
Micro Focus is announcing the release of COBOL-IT 3.11.0 / 4.2.0

ESI 2022 Holiday Schedule - 12/23/2021
2022 holidays for ESI Customer Support

Mpact Change of Support - 05/16/2021
Mpact Change of Support

COBOL-IT Compiler Suite

The COBOL-IT Compiler Suite Enterprise Edition provides high-performance and a very high level of compatibility with Micro Focus and IBM COBOL compilers, ensuring a rapid transition with minimal cost and minimal risk. Our goal is to provide you with a transition transparent to your users, with equal or better performance and interoperability with all of the elements in your Enterprise Solution Stack!  

Availability on all Open System Platforms Easy to transition from any COBOL compiler on any system.
Open Source Core Technology Allows COBOL-IT to provide the highest value possible with a COBOL compiler that satisfies your requirements.
Subscription-based Pricing Provides Customers with a flat rate that secures the services they need when they need them. Customers avoid expensive and sometimes unpredictable new license costs.
Highly optimizable object code COBOL-IT objects are created with the host machine’s “C” compiler. All the optimization capabilities of the “C” compiler are available to the COBOL programmer. When performance is critical, COBOL-IT fast performance can often be made even faster.
Compiler configuration file Eases the transition of applications developed using other COBOL compilers, which may contain a lot of compiler flags and directives. COBOL-IT technicians and certified COBOL-IT partners can help you navigate through these issues and greatly shorten your transition time, saving you a lot of money.
Compatibility with EXTFH and EXTSM EXTFH compatibility provides the COBOL-IT Enterprise Runtime System connectivity to any ISAM file system that is also EXTFH- compatible. EXTSM compatibility provides accessibility to any external data manipulation module that is EXTSM compatible.
Database connectivity COBOL-IT allows you to connect to the latest releases of Oracle databases using the Oracle Pro*COBOL pre-compiler. COBOL- IT’s CitSQL Family of Pre-compilers provide connectivity to the latest releases of Oracle MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases.
High-Performance External SORT Utility CitSORT is a very high performance external data manipulation / sort utility which uses syntax compatible with DFSORT, MFSORT and AcuSort. It provides a straightforward plug-and-play replacement for these other utilities in most cases.
ICU Code-page Support Opens the widest range of code-pages to users of COBOL-IT to ensure that they will be able to develop their applications for users around the globe.
EBCDIC Character Set Handling Provides a high-value capability for Mainframe users allowing them to perform batch processing in a Mainframe/Unix share folder. COBOL-IT’s support for the EBCDIC character set allows for the COBOL-IT compiler/runtime to be used and save expensive mainframe cycles.
Profiler Records where the runtime is spending time, so that performance bottlenecks can be easily identified and removed.
Debugging Tools The debugger engine, cobcdb, is documented and provides the ability to attach to a running process, set conditional breakpoints, perform stepping operations, modify and display variable values in hex or ASCII format, monitor variables, reproduce the state of programs loaded in memory at the time of an abend and more.
Checkpoint-Restore Users can store the state of their application runtime session in a checkpoint file. This file can be used to restore the state of the runtime session, and resume the runtime session at the checkpoint.

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