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COBOL-IT Distributor of the Year

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Upcoming Holiday Schedule - 2017 - 12/08/2017
ESI closures for end-of-the-year holidays

ESI named COBOL-IT Distributor of the Year - 02/07/2017
COBOL-IT named ESI the 2016 COBOL-IT Distributor of the Year

ESI celebrates 44th anniversary - 01/21/2017
ESI celebrates 44th anniversary of quality products and customer support



ESI has a great deal of experience in managing projects - both for our own activities and for our customer's projects. Keen attention to project planning and scheduling combined with customized testing procedures ensure the successful completion of projects on a timely basis, within budget, and with the highest quality. If you are interested in our project management services for your internal or outsourced projects, please contact ESI.