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ESI celebrates 46th anniversary - 01/21/2019
ESI celebrates 46th anniversary of quality products and customer support

ESI 2019 Holiday Schedule - 12/20/2018
2019 holidays for ESI Customer Support

ESI Survives Hurricane Michael - 10/15/2018
ESI Survives Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael Heading to Tallahassee - 10/08/2018
Hurricane Michael Heading to Tallahassee

ESI celebrates 45th anniversary - 01/21/2018
ESI celebrates 45th anniversary of quality products and customer support

How Do You Develop And Support Enterprise Applications In COBOL Easily?

With ESI's Mpact You Can!  

Mpact does the following:

  • Develop complete business applications using COBOL
  • Create new and more powerful user interfaces while keeping your reliable business logic intact
  • Develop Win32 and Web applications
  • Develop 2-tier and 3-tier client/server applications
  • Support all Microsoft OS's up to and including Windows 7


  • Support Micro Focus, Fujitsu, and  COBOL compilers
  • Access ODBC database sources including
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • MySQL
    • Oracle
For more information contact us by phone at 850-575-0179 or by email at

Here's how Mpact works:

A single point of contact for Application Data:
  • Comprehensive data element dictionary
  • Field, table and database relationships
  • Establish and enforce rules for field edits
  • Define data accessing once and reuse
  • Establish logical table linkages
  • Develop data schemas automatically
  • Maintain multiple versions of data schemas
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Design screens with your users in mind:
  • Flexible GUI screen painting
  • Data dictionary support for field handing
  • Support for all common GUI controls
  • Automatic or coded field edits
  • Access to code while designing dialogs
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Code Business Logic in a modern environment:
  • See just the code you need to see
  • Code editing supported by a data dictionary
  • View and edit code in multiple windows
  • Automatic generation of:
    • database access code
    • data communication code
    • GUI screen handling code
  • Smart syntax error editing
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Automatically Develop, Compile and Test:
  • Client and server automatically developed
  • Compile either or both client and server
  • Developer control over generation process
  • Package files ease application deployment
  • Compile server as a .dll for local testing
  • Local web server provided for local testing
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